Maldonado – Deers


During our stay at Maldonado, i collected several quadruped, eighty kinds of birds and many reptiles including nine species of snakes. Of the indigenious mammalia, the only one now left of any size which is common is the Cervus Campestris. This deer is exceedingly abundant, often in small herds, throughout the countries bordering the Plata and in Northern Patagona. 

If a person crawling close along the ground slowly advances towards a herd, the deer frequently, out of curiosity, approach to reconnoitre him. I have by this means, killed from one spot, three out of the same heard. Although so tame and inquisitive yet when approached on horseback, they are exceedingly wary. In this country nobody goes on foot, and the deer knows man as its enemy only when he is mounted and armed with the bolas. At Bahia Blanca, a recent establishment in northern Patagonia, i was surprised to find how little the deer cared for the noise of a gun: 

One day i fired ten times from within eighty yards at one animal; and it was much more startled at the ball cutting up the ground then at the report of the riffle. My powder being exhausted, i was obliged to get up (to my shame as a sportsman be it spoken though well able to kill birds on the wing) and haloo till the deer ran away.


In cursul sederii noastre in Maldonado, am adunat cateva patrupede, 80 de tipuri de pasari si multe reptile, incluzand noua specii de serpi. Dintre mamiferele indigene, singurul ramas este Cervus Campestris  (o subspecie a cerbului fara imagini in online insa asemanator cu link-ul dat). Acest cerb este extrem de des intalnit, de ce mai multe ori in cirezi micute, de-a lungul tarilor pe granita dintre La Plata si Patagonia de Nord.

Daca o persoana se taraste aproape de pamant si avanseaza incet catre cireada, cerbul, curios, se va apropia pentru a-l mirosi. In acest fel am ucis, din acelasi loc, trei din aceeasi cireada. Desi atat de blanzi si curiosi, atunci cand ne apropiam calare sunt extrem de prudenti. In aceasta tara nimeni nu merge pe jos, iar cerbul il recunoaste pe om ca si dusman doar cand este calare si inarmant cu bolas. La Bahia Blanca, un asezamant recent din nordul Patagoniei, am fost surprins sa observ cat de putin le pasa cerbilor de zgomotul armelor.

Intr-o zi am tras de zece ori de la mai putin de 70 de metri spre un animal; si a fost mai speriat de proiectilul care atingea pamantul decat de zgomotul pustii. Dupa ce mi s-a terminat pulberea am fost silit sa ma ridic (spre rusinea mea ca vanator, desi capabil sa nimeresc aripa unei pasari) si sa strig pana cand cerbul s-a indepartat.


Mi s-a parut amuzanta imaginea apropierii de cerbi si acestia in loc sa se imprastie in toate directiile sa vina drept in arma vanatorului. Probabil ca n-a mai rezistat mult timp specia respectiva considerand ca modul de extinctie a fost detaliat.




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